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Monthly Schedule of Short-Term Investment Funds


The Monthly Schedule of Short-term Investment Funds (STIF) is used by banks that manage a STIF, pursuant to 12 CFR 9.18, to disclose information about the fund and its portfolio holdings to the OCC within five business days after each calendar month-end. You may direct questions to Joel Miller, Group Leader, Asset Management, at (202) 649-6417.

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How to Submit the Disclosures

  1. All banks subject to these disclosure requirements must submit monthly STIF disclosures electronically using the Monthly Schedule of Short-Term Investment Funds template provided on this Website.  No changes can be made to the template.  Banks that manage multiple STIF funds must submit the disclosure information for each fund in a separate file.

  2. The submitted files must be named using the following naming convention.

    STIF is the file designation and is standard for all files.
    DATE is the relevant month-end calendar date (YYYYMMDD).
    BANKNAME is the title of the Bank.
    STIFNAME is the title of the short-term Investment fund.

    Please limit the number of characters in the file name to no more than 100. If necessary, abbreviate the BANKNAME and STIFNAME.

  3. Banks must submit the completed templates to the OCC through the OCC's BankNet Website. For additional information on submitting completed templates please click here.

Please email your questions to John Gilmore.

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