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2001 News Releases

12/14/2001  NR 2001-104,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 19 National Banks
12/14/2001  NR 2001-103,OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
12/13/2001  NR 2001-102,OCC Offers New Guidance on Merchant Processing
12/12/2001  NR 2001-101,Guidance on Financial Privacy
12/12/2001  NR 2001-100,Regulators Propose Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Applications
12/07/2001  NR 2001-99,OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Increases to $51.3 Trillion
11/30/2001  NR 2001-98,OCC Issues First Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
11/30/2001  NR 2001-97,Comptroller Underscores National Bank Efforts to Meet the Financial Services Needs of Native Americans
11/29/2001  NR 2001-96,Agencies Adopt Recourse, Direct Credit Substitutes and Residual Interests Final Rule
11/26/2001  NR 2001-95,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 21 National Banks
11/26/2001  NR 2001-94,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions
11/09/2001  NR 2001-93,Challenges Faced by Women in Building and Maintaining Assets
11/02/2001  NR 2001-92,OCC Guidance Cautions National Banks on Third Party Relationships
10/17/2001  NR 2001-91,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 19 National Banks
10/15/2001  NR 2001-90,OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions and 6 Terminations
10/15/2001  NR 2001-89,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the New York State Department of Banking New York, NY
10/05/2001  NR 2001-88,OCC Supports Efforts of National Banks to Aid in Recovery Efforts
10/05/2001  NR 2001-87,Bank Regulators' Data Show Continued Increase in Adversely Classified Syndicated Bank Loans in 2001
10/03/2001  NR 2001-86,OCC Concludes that GLBA and Barnett Decision Show Parts of West Virginia Law do not Apply to National Banks
10/01/2001  NR 2001-85,Grace Dailey Named Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks; OCC Also Announces Realignment of Technology and Compliance Units
09/24/2001  NR 2001-84,Workshop Planned to Discuss Strategies for Providing Effective Financial Privacy Notices
09/14/2001  NR 2001-83,OCC and ABA Postpone Conference on Community and Economic Development
09/14/2001  NR 2001-82,Federal Bank and Thrift Regulatory Agencies Issue Statement On Possible Temporary Balance Sheet Growth
09/13/2001  NR 2001-81,OCC Announces 19 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
09/13/2001  NR 2001-80,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 13 National Banks
09/12/2001  NR 2001-79,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work With Customers Affected by Terrorist Attacks
09/11/2001  NR 2001-78,OCC Allows National Bank Offices Affected by Emergency to Close
09/10/2001  NR 2001-77,OCC and ABA Co-Sponsor Community and Economic Development Conference
09/07/2001  NR 2001-76,Sinclair National Bank Closed by the OCC and FDIC Appointed Receiver
09/07/2001  NR 2001-75,OCC Reports "More Normal" Derivatives Trading Revenue for Banks
09/05/2001  NR 2001-74,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2001 CRA Examination Schedule
08/30/2001  NR 2001-73,OCC Summary of Community Development Investments Underscores the Impact of Local Partnership Efforts
08/16/2001  NR 2001-72,Gale Cincotta a "National Treasure," Says Comptroller Hawke
08/15/2001  NR 2001-71,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 20 National Banks
08/13/2001  NR 2001-70,OCC Announces 6 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
08/08/2001  NR 2001-69,Comptroller Highlights Opportunities for Banks in Ethnically-Diverse Financial Services Market
08/02/2001  NR 2001-68,Statement of Ellen Broadman Before The Subcommittee On Capital Markets, Insurance And Government Sponsored Enterprises And The Subcommittee On Financial Institutions And Consumer Credit Committee On Financial Services U.S. House Of Representatives
07/26/2001  NR 2001-67,Comptroller Hawke Urges Congress to Address Unfair Treatment of National Banks in Deposit Insurance System
07/19/2001  NR 2001-66,Agencies Approve Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977
07/18/2001  NR 2001-65,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 17 National Banks
07/11/2001  NR 2001-64,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
07/03/2001  NR 2001-63,OCC Issues Guidance for National Banks on Internet Weblinking
07/02/2001  NR 2001-62,OCC Eases Burdens of National Banks Operating Multi-State Trust Operations
07/02/2001  NR 2001-61,OCC Adopts Updates and Revisions to Regulations
07/02/2001  NR 2001-60,OCC Issues Proposed Rule on Electronic Banking
06/27/2001  NR 2001-59,Comptroller Views Underwriting Tightening Rational Response to Previous Lending Excesses
06/25/2001  NR 2001-58,Douglas W. Roeder Appointed Senior Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks
06/20/2001  NR 2001-57,Comptroller Hawke Cites Industry Trends that Give Cause for Concern, But Tells Congress that Banks Are Well Prepared for Tough Times
06/19/2001  NR 2001-56,OCC Announces 9 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Terminations
06/15/2001  NR 2001-55,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 18 National Banks
06/18/2001  NR 2001-54,OCC Reports Record Derivatives Trading Revenue for Banks
06/11/2001  NR 2001-53,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by Floods in Houston Area
06/08/2001  NR 2001-52,OCC Announces Pilot Program to Enhance Lending Capacity And Alleviate Competitive Disparities for Community National Banks
06/05/2001  NR 2001-51,OCC Issues Third Quarter 2001 CRA Examination Schedule
05/22/2001  NR 2001-50,Comptroller Hawke Tells Bankers that Regulators Must Respond In Measured and Predictable Way to Credit Problems
05/21/2001  NR 2001-49,Julie L. Williams Speaks Before the Consumer Bankers Association
05/16/2001  NR 2001-48,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 13 National Banks
05/15/2001  NR 2001-47,OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
05/14/2001  NR 2001-46,OCC Updates Large Bank Supervision Guidance
05/11/2001  NR 2001-45,OCC will Hold Hearing; Agency Seeks Fines, Restitution and Prohibition Order from Two Former Bankers
05/11/2001  NR 2001-44,Agencies Remind Bankers of Risks Associated with Reliance on Brokered and Rate-Sensitive Deposits
05/03/2001  NR 2001-43,Comptroller Closes the Malta National Bank, Malta, Ohio; FDIC Approves the Assumption of All Its Deposits
05/03/2001  NR 2001-42,OCC Basel Committee Report Outlines Risk Management Principles for Electronic Banking
04/30/2001  NR 2001-41,OCC Issues Advisory on Identity Theft and Pretext Calling
04/24/2001  NR 2001-40,OCC Advises Banks to Ensure Information Systems Security is Maintained
04/23/2001  NR 2001-39,Remarks by Julie L. Williams Before the American Banker's 2nd Account Aggregation Conference
04/18/2001  NR 2001-38,OCC Announces 4 New Enforcement Actions
04/16/2001  NR 2001-37,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 10 National Banks
04/09/2001  NR 2001-36,Agencies Issue Risk Management Practices for Leveraged Financing
04/05/2001  NR 2001-35,Comptroller Hawke Urges New Look at Funding Bank Supervision
04/04/2001  NR 2001-34,Comptroller Hawke Tells Congress that New Capital Proposal Would Permit Continued Investment in Small Business
03/27/2001  NR 2001-33,Agencies Clarify Guidance on the Accounting and Reporting for Loans Held for Sale
03/15/2001  NR 2001-32,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 15 National Banks
03/14/2001  NR 2001-31,OCC Announces 5 New Enforcement Actions
03/14/2001  NR 2001-30,Federal Banking Agencies Will Allow Privacy Notices Under Existing Fair Credit Reporting Act
03/14/2001  NR 2001-29,Agencies Extend Effective Date on Bank Insurance Rules
03/09/2001  NR 2001-28,OCC Reports Trading Revenues Remain Consistent As Derivatives Volume Reaches Record Level
03/08/2001  NR 2001-27,Interagency Task Force Publishes Spanish-Language Consumer Brochure about Shopping for and Negotiating the Best Mortgage
03/08/2001  NR 2001-26,Comptroller Hawke Says Bankers and Regulators Better Prepared to Deal with Challenging Economy
03/06/2001  NR 2001-25,Testimony of Julie L. Williams, First Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel, before the U.S. House Subcommittees on Oversight and Investigations and on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, on information-sharing and issues of confidentiality and liability
03/06/2001  NR 2001-24,Comptroller Hawke Outlines the Challenges of Reaching the Unbanked
03/05/2001  NR 2001-23,Comptroller Hawke Outlines the Global Challenges of Internet Banking
03/02/2001  NR 2001-22,OCC Issues Guidance on Bank-Provided Aggregation Services
03/01/2001  NR 2001-21,OCC Issues Second Quarter 2001 CRA Examination Schedule
03/01/2001  NR 2001-20,Comptroller Hawke Praises Community Development Lenders
02/27/2001  NR 2001-19,OCC Publishes Guide to Aid in Identification of Problem Banks
02/23/2001  NR 2001-18,Comptroller Hawke Notes Promise, Risks of Internet Banking
02/15/2001  NR 2001-17,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 9 National Banks
02/15/2001  NR 2001-16,OCC Announces 9 New Enforcement Actions
02/07/2001  NR 2001-15,OCC Offers New Guidance on Liquidity Risk
02/05/2001  NR 2001-14,Comptroller Hawke Outlines E-Banking Challenges Facing International Bank Supervisors
02/01/2001  NR 2001-13,Technology Enhances Banks' Ability to Segment Banking Business, Play to Strengths
01/31/2001  NR 2001-12,Banking Agencies Issue Guidance On Supervision of Subprime Lending
01/31/2001  NR 2001-11,Comptroller Highlights National Bank Commitment to Community Development Investments
01/29/2001  NR 2001-10,OCC Proposes Updates and Revisions to Regulations
01/24/2001  NR 2001-9,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 24 National Banks
01/19/2001  NR 2001-8,Comptroller Hawke Given Treasury's Highest Honor
01/18/2001  NR 2001-7,Agencies Release Revised Capital Proposal for Nonfinancial Equity Investments
01/18/2001  NR 2001-6,OCC Issues Corporate Manual on Internet Banking
01/17/2001  NR 2001-5,OCC Provides Guidance to National Banks on Financial Literacy Programs
01/17/2001  NR 2001-4,Agencies Adopt Guidelines for Customer Information Security
01/16/2001  NR 2001-3,Agencies To Accept Comments on Basel Proposal To Amend Capital Adequacy Framework
01/16/2001  NR 2001-2,OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions
01/11/2001  NR 2001-1,Agencies Release Recommendations of Working Group on Public Disclosure