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1999 News Releases

12/27/1999  NR 1999-117,OCC Announces 33 New Enforcement Actions
12/27/1999  NR 1999-116,OCC Obtains $200,000 in Fines and $1 Million in Restitution Goes to Bank
12/22/1999  NR 1999-115,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 52 National Banks
12/22/1999  NR 1999-114,OCC Adopts Final Changes to Public Welfare Investment Rule
12/20/1999  NR 1999-113,Jonathan L. Fiechter Will Join OCC in February; Former OTS Director to Oversee International Affairs and Economic Policy
12/13/1999  NR 1999-112,Joint Release-- Agencies Issue Guidance on Asset Securitization Activities; Consider Regulatory Restrictions
12/09/1999  NR 1999-111,Notional Amount of Derivatives Hits Record $35.7 Trillion in Third Quarter As Derivatives Trading Revenue Remains Relatively Steady
12/03/1999  NR 1999-110,OCC Issues First Quarter 2000 CRA Examination Schedule
12/02/1999  NR 1999-109,OCC Announces Five New Enforcement Actions
12/02/1999  NR 1999-108,Comptroller Discusses Benefits for Consumers in Financial Modernization
12/01/1999  NR 1999-107,Year 2000 Agreement With Global Payment Systems Lifted By Regulators
11/24/1999  NR 1999-106,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 56 National Banks
11/18/1999  NR 1999-105,Comptroller Says Financial Modernization Law Will Strengthen Banking System
11/10/1999  NR 1999-104,Joint Release-Bank Regulators' Data Show Increase in Adversely Classified Syndicated Bank Loans
11/09/1999  NR 1999-103,Agencies Announce Results of Financial Institution Web Site Privacy Survey
11/08/1999  NR 1999-102,Comptroller Hawke Highlights Strong Commitment Community Banks Have Made to Risk Management
11/05/1999  NR 1999-101,OCC Supports Challenge to Ban on ATM Fees
11/03/1999  NR 1999-100,OCC Permits National Bank of Commerce Operating Subsidiary To Underwrite and Deal in Corporate Bonds and other Debt Securities
11/03/1999  NR 1999-99,OCC Rule Changes Ease Burdens on Community Banks
11/03/1999  NR 1999-98,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 57 National Banks
10/22/1999  NR 1999-97,OCC Appoints Mark L. O'Dell to Head Core Policy Unit
10/21/1999  NR 1999-96,OCC Announces Five New Enforcement Actions
10/15/1999  NR 1999-95,Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Before a Conference on Measuring Financial Risk in the 21st Century
10/14/1999  NR 1999-94,OCC Issues Examination Handbook On Internet Banking
10/13/1999  NR 1999-93,Joint Release - Federal Regulators Advise Banks and Thrifts About Risks In High Loan-to-Value Residential Real Estate Lending
10/08/1999  NR 1999-92,John D. Hawke, Jr. Confirmed by U.S. Senate For Full Term as Comptroller of the Currency
10/06/1999  NR 1999-91,OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Urges Banks To View Compliance Obligations as Part of Customer Relations Strategy
10/06/1999  NR 1999-90,OCC's Williams Warns of Credit Risk In the Banking System; Calls for Bankers to Scrutinize Loan Portfolios More Closely
10/06/1999  NR 1999-89,OCC Announces Thirteen New Enforcement Actions
10/01/1999  NR 1999-88,OCC/FED/EC Agree on Information Sharing Framework
09/30/1999  NR 1999-87,OCC Survey Finds Tightened Commercial Loan Standards For First Time In Five Years, But Credit Risk Remains High
09/29/1999  NR 1999-86,Joint Press Release
09/27/1999  NR 1999-85,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 50 National Banks
09/24/1999  NR 1999-84,Comptroller of the Currency Addresses Bank Administration Institute
09/22/1999  NR 1999-77,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions Amended
09/20/1999  NR 1999-83,OCC Risk Measurement Conference Set for Oct. 14-15
09/16/1999  NR 1999-82,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by Hurricane in Eastern U.S.
09/16/1999  NR 1999-81,Joint Release -- Federal Regulators Report to Nation on Y2K Progress Made by Banks, Thrifts and Credit Unions
09/16/1999  NR 1999-80,OCC Reaches Agreement with Seven More State Insurance Departments
09/14/1999  NR 1999-79,Bank Trading Revenue Is $2.2 Billion in 2nd Quarter; Notional Amount of Derivatives Is Record $33 Trillion
09/14/1999  NR 1999-78,The OCC Closes Peoples National Bank Of Commerce, Miami; FDIC Approves The Assumption Of All Of The Bank's Deposits
09/07/1999  NR 1999-77,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions See 9/22/99 for amended release
09/07/1999  NR 1999-76,Joint Press Release -- Federal Reserve Board
09/01/1999  NR 1999-75,Joint Release-- FDIC Announces Receivership Of First National Bank Of Keystone, Keystone, West Virginia
09/01/1999  NR 1999-74,OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 1999 CRA Examination Schedule
08/26/1999  NR 1999-73,Federal banking and credit union agencies announced today the execution of an agreement with Global Payment Systems LLC, Atlanta, Georgia.
08/25/1999  NR 1999-72,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 56 National Banks
08/04/1999  NR 1999-71,Media Advisory--Banking Reporters/Business Editors
07/29/1999  NR 1999-70,OCC Announces Seven New Enforcement Actions
07/27/1999  NR 1999-69,OCC Highlights Basel Credit Risk Guidance Papers
07/27/1999  NR 1999-68,OCC Appoints Deputy Chief Financial Officer to Manage Financial Systems
07/21/1999  NR 1999-67,Comptroller Urges Congress to Strengthen Consumer Privacy Protections
07/20/1999  NR 1999-66,OOCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 54 National Banks
07/12/1999  NR 1999-65,Joint Interagency Letter To Financial Institutions
07/09/1999  NR 1999-64,FDIC Approves The Assumption Of All The Deposits Of East Texas National Bank Of Marshall, Marshall, Texas
07/02/1999  NR 1999-63,OCC Names Stuart Scherer Director of New Community Bank Activities Unit
06/28/1999  NR 1999-62,Comptroller Says OCC Will Continue to Expand Risk-Based Approach to Compliance Exams
06/25/1999  NR 1999-61,OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Underscores Importance Of Accurate Disclosure and Fair Treatment for Customers of Bank-Affiliated Brokers
06/24/1999  NR 1999-60,Bank Trading Revenue Increases 77% To Record $3.6 Billion For 1st Quarter
06/22/1999  NR 1999-59,OCC Chief Counsel Urges Industry to Act on Privacy Concerns
06/22/1999  NR 1999-58,OCC Announces Twenty-Four New Enforcement Actions
06/16/1999  NR 1999-57,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 58 National Banks
06/16/1999  NR 1999-56,OCC Expresses Concern about Any Actions That Put Downward Pressure on Bank Reserves
06/14/1999  NR 1999-55,OCC Rule Proposals Would Ease Burdens on Community Banks
06/09/1999  NR 1999-54,OCC Proposal Will Encourage Continuing Public Welfare Investments by National Banks
06/08/1999  NR 1999-53,Comptroller Hawke Outlines Promising Approaches to International Capital Standards
06/07/1999  NR 1999-52,OCC Agreements with State Insurance Departments Will Benefit Consumers
06/07/1999  NR 1999-51,Comptroller Urges Industry to End Abusive Practices and Elevate Customer Service Standards
06/03/1999  NR 1999-50,OCC Highlights Basel Proposal for a Capital Framework
06/02/1999  NR 1999-49,OCC Appoints James A. Wilcox Its First Chief Economist
05/27/1999  NR 1999-48,OCC Issues Third Quarter 1999 CRA Examination Schedule
05/27/1999  NR 1999-47,OCC Announces Thirteen New Enforcement Actions
05/18/1999  NR 1999-46,OCC Names Ralph E. Sharpe New Community and Consumer Policy Chief
05/17/1999  NR 1999-45,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 48 National Banks
05/12/1999  NR 1999-44,Comptroller Says Congress and Supervisory Agencies Can Do More to Reduce Regulatory Burden
05/11/1999  NR 1999-43,OCC Seeks Ways to Reduce Regulatory Burden for Community-sized National Banks
05/06/1999  NR 1999-42,OCC Issues Guidance on a National Bank Acting as a Certification Authority for Digital Signatures
05/05/1999  NR 1999-41,Comptroller Criticizes Subprime Lenders Who Fail to Report Borrower Payment Histories
05/04/1999  NR 1999-40,OCC Guidance Describes Effective Web Privacy Practices
05/04/1999  NR 1999-39,Comptroller Urges Banks to Improve Risk Management Practices
05/03/1999  NR 1999-38,OCC Issues Leveraged Lending Advisory
04/22/1999  NR 1999-37,OCC Announces Four New Enforcement Actions and Two Terminations of Existing Actions
04/19/1999  NR 1999-36,Comptroller Warns That Pending Financial Modernization Legislation Could "Do Violence" to Dual Banking System
04/15/1999  NR 1999-35,OOCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 75 National Banks
04/15/1999  NR 1999-34,Comptroller Urges Regulators, Financial Institutions to Improve Communication with Consumers on Year-2000 Issues
04/13/1999  NR 1999-33,Comptroller Addresses Y2K Issues in Congressional Testimony
04/05/1999  NR 1999-32,OCC Addresses Subprime Lending Risk Issues
04/05/1999  NR 1999-31,Financial Agencies, First Data Agree on Y2K Readiness Deadlines
03/29/1999  NR 1999-30,OCC Describes Effective Practices for Complying with Privacy Provisions in Fair Credit Reporting Act
03/25/1999  NR 1999-29,OCC Testifies on Impact of Technology on the Financial Service Industry
03/25/1999  NR 1999-28,OCC Reports Bank Trading Revenues Rebound to $2 Billion during Fourth Quarter
03/27/1999  NR 1999-27,OCC Announces Seven New Enforcement Actions and Two Terminations of Existing Actions
03/23/1999  NR 1999-26,Proposed "Know Your Customer" Rule -- Joint Statement
03/19/1999  NR 1999-25,Comptroller Says "Information and Education" Can Help Draw Unbanked into System
03/18/1999  NR 1999-24,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 63 National Banks
03/18/1999  NR 1999-23,OCC Announces Settlement of Lending Discrimination Case
03/17/1999  NR 1999-22,Comptroller Unveils Proposals to Help Community Banks
03/12/1999  NR 1999-21,Jeanne K. Engel Chosen to Be New Deputy Comptroller for Community Affairs
03/09/1999  NR 1999-20,Few Banks Offer Internet Banking Services but Numbers Growing Rapidly
03/05/1999  NR 1999-19,Comptroller Tells Congress That Agricultural Banks Must Remain Strong in Order to Serve Communities
03/05/1999  NR 1999-18,OCC Issues Guidance to Protect National Banks from Intrusions into Computer Systems
03/04/1999  NR 1999-17,Comptroller Says "Know-Your-Customer" Rule Should Be Rejected
03/01/1999  NR 1999-16,Comptroller Says Effective Supervision Needed to Manage International Crisis
02/26/1999  NR 1999-15,OCC Issues Second Quarter 1999 CRA Examination Schedule
02/24/1999  NR 1999-14,OCC Highlights Basle and IOSCO Consultative Paper on Trading and Derivatives Activities of Banks and Securities Firms
02/24/1999  NR 1999-13,Comptroller Warns That Senate Proposal Would Compromise Safety and Soundness of National Banking System
02/22/1999  NR 1999-12,Comptroller Cautions Community Banks about Shortcomings in Financial Modernization Legislation
02/18/1999  NR 1999-11,OCC Releases 41 CRA Evaluations for National Banks
02/12/1999  NR 1999-10,Comptroller Warns That H.R. 10 Would Undermine Safety of National Banking System
02/11/1999  NR 1999-9,OCC Announces Nine New Enforcement Actions, Two Amendments, and Two Terminations of Existing Actions
02/09/1999  NR 1999-8,Remarks by Julie L. Williams, Chief Counsel, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency before the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders
01/28/1999  NR 1999-7,OCC National Bank Examinations of Agricultural Loan Portfolios Will Be Guided by OCC Handbook
01/28/1999  NR 1999-6,OCC Remarks by Julie L. Williams, Chief Counsel Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, before the Third Annual Race and Relations Conference
01/28/1999  NR 1999-5,OCC Highlights Basle Report on Highly Leveraged Institutions
01/25/1999  NR 1999-4,OCC Encourages National Banks to Work with Customers Affected by Storms in Arkansas and Tennessee
01/25/1999  NR 1999-3,OCC Issues New Derivatives Risk Management Guidance
01/21/1999  NR 1999-2,OCC Releases CRA Evaluations for 53 National Banks
01/21/1999  NR 1999-1,OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and Three Terminations of Existing Actions