News Release 1998-62 | June 19, 1998

OCC Names Deputy Comptroller for Compliance Operations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has named David G. Hammaker Deputy Comptroller for Compliance Operations. In this new position, Mr. Hammaker serves as principal advisor to OCC senior management on consumer compliance examination and CRA examination activities.

"This position will support our vigorous and consistent implementation of CRA by providing us with a direct link between policy makers and CRA/compliance examiners in the field," said Acting Comptroller Julie Williams. "The two-way feedback we'll receive will help us to align policy with practical applications in a timely and efficient way."

Mr. Hammaker will direct the activities of the agency's consumer compliance cadre examiners, work closely with the Deputy Comptroller for Community and Consumer Policy to oversee implementation of consumer compliance and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) policy, and serve as a member of the OCC's Bank Supervision Operations management team.

Mr. Hammaker, who joined the OCC in 1975, has been examiner in charge (EIC) of Mellon Bank Corporation since 1995. He previously held a variety of positions including field manager in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia; large bank EIC of PNC Bank Corp; consumer compliance examiner; and, consumer EIC for both Mellon and PNC. For a number of years, he coordinated consumer compliance and CRA activities for the Northeastern District's regional banks and developed analytical tools for assessing bank CRA performance. He has also organized banker outreach programs, and maintained contact with numerous community organizations.

Mr. Hammaker graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1975.

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