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1997 Alerts

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/09/1997  Alert 1997-33, Unauthorized Banking: The Excelsior Bank/The Excelsior International Bank Corp
12/01/1997  Alert 1997-31, Unauthorized Banking: Bank of Finance
11/18/1997  Alert 1997-30, Unauthorized Banking: First Zurich National
10/10/1997  Alert 1997-27, Unauthorized Banking: Focus International, Ltd.
09/24/1997  Alert 1997-26, Unauthorized Banking: Chase Bank of Las Vegas, Nevada
09/15/1997  Alert 1997-25, Unauthorized Banking: First Americans Trust Company "aka First Americans," Oklahoma City, OK Apache Tribe General
08/29/1997  Alert 1997-24, Unauthorized Banking: United Bank and Trust Company (NAURU)
08/29/1997  Alert 1997-23, Unauthorized Banking: Dunbar National Bank of Maryland
08/27/1997  Alert 1997-22, Unauthorized Banking: Greater International Bank
08/27/1997  Alert 1997-21, Unauthorized Banking: Commercial Intercontinental Bank, Inc.
08/27/1997  Alert 1997-20, Suspicious Transactions: Letter of Credit
08/19/1997  Alert 1997-18, Unauthorized Banking: First National Bank, FSB First National Bank National Trust and Savings Association First National Trust
07/07/1997  Alert 1997-16, Suspicious Transactions: Access Bank International (Nauru), Ltd.
06/30/1997  Alert 1997-15, Suspicious Transactions: Counterfeit Cashier's Checks
06/24/1997  Alert 1997-14, Suspicious Transactions: Netware International Bank
06/20/1997  Alert 1997-13, Unauthorized Banking: Current List of OCC Alerts on Unauthorized Banks
05/20/1997  Alert 1997-12, Suspicious Transactions: Certified Bankers Note
05/15/1997  Alert 1997-11, Suspicious Transactions: The Freedom Star National Bank of Arizona
04/15/1997  Alert 1997-8, Unauthorized Banking: First Savings Bank
03/28/1997  Alert 1997-7, Unauthorized Banking: Panacea Bank and Trust
03/24/1997  Alert 1997-6, Unauthorized Banking: First Lenape Nation Bank
02/21/1997  Alert 1997-5, Suspicious Transactions: Fraudulent Certificates of Deposit and Drafts
01/17/1997  Alert 1997-4, Unauthorized Banking: First Sovereign Bank and Trust Company
01/17/1997  Alert 1997-3, Unauthorized Banking: Atlantic Mutual Savings and Trust Company
01/17/1997  Alert 1997-2, Unauthorized Banking: Banc Lugano AG and Trust Co. Limited (Melchizedek)
01/14/1997  Alert 1997-1, Unauthorized Banking: United Overland Trust and Bancorp